Who We Are

Raina's Residential Property Management, LLC has been a strong presence in the rental industry since Raina built it from the ground up in 1999.  So when she sold the business to her father, Robert Bivin, in 2004 he kept the company name in her honor because she had established such a reputable company.    Robert has owned rentals most of his life.   

Not long after purchasing the company, Robert appointed Juli Frontino to head the company.  We are a family business.  We all work together to advance the company and each other.   

Raina's Residential Property Management, LLC has been offering affordable and fair housing to tenant's from the start.  We also offer a knowledgeable and experienced management service to investment property owners.  While we have a deep knowledge base in mobile home communities, we are also well versed in all fields of the rental industry.     

We are involved with many organizations; IROMA (Idaho Rental Owner and Managers Association), IAA (Idaho Apartment Association), NAA (National Apartment Association) and IHA (Idaho Housing Alliance).  Through our work with these organizations we are able to stay up to date with the industry and any legislature changes.  We also stay on top of HUD & Fair Housing laws that are ever changing.

We are here to help you with your residential property management needs, call us today!